January Week 4 – Knitting, Snowmageddon, Newcastle and Motherhood

Each week starts the same, my morning walks and a weekly schedule of working 9-5, it’s how I fill the rest of my time that changes the mix. Whether it be my yarn projects, kids, work or dare I say the challenges of the weather that mixes it up, somehow the norm is different. Somehow.

On Tuesday it snowed and caused chaos it as does, I mean, how can it be such headlines news? It’s what happens in winter yet each year we are unprepared and caught out. So Tuesday it snowed and the roads were gridlocked.

My friend David chose a hat, black with a blue bobble and loved it, wore it walking to work in the snow and survived what The Daily Star insinuated would be a life changing and apocalyptic event and snow storms plunging the country into minus 15 degrees. Thank god for the bobble hat, because David is a dear friend and needs saving from snowstorms.

And so I too survived the snow storm and I lived another day to knit more hats, like you do. Look in the shop if you fancy a life saving bobble hat.

I am a mum to two children; a son just turned 19 and in his first year at Uni, and a daughter nearly 17 doing her A’Levels. Like all mums they are incredibly special to me and define what we do as parents. I want nothing more than my children to be happy, healthy, and independent. My eldest is living in the city I grew up in and for that I feel so happy as though somehow the city will look after him. He’s loving living in Newcastle and I love going there now having a reason to go back. That is until I realise he isn’t coming home with us. It’s weird and it’s me who needs to adjust. Motherhood is a funny old thing.

And so, sock progress as the socks are for the boy. Socks are ace travel knits, long journeys prove productive for knitters. When my girl goes to Uni she too will be inflicted with hand knitted socks.

Visiting my boy’s uni halls reminds me of college days and the friendships and the fun we had. I am so lucky that I am still in close touch with my best uni friends and the stories we remember are just hilarious. When you’re in your child’s flat it’s odd; half of you wants to grab the hoover and clear up, the other half wants to play Cards Against Humanity and pour a drink. So when we looked at the kitchen cupboards my husband asked if that was our son in a photo I took a double take at what I thought was just another night club promo poster. It was him, face down on the photocopier, doing only what his mum would have done and having a blast. I want my kids to have fun, be kind and considerate, succeed but to be very, very happy.

In reading / listening / watching; well Michelle has fallen in love with Barack and I’ve discovered Better Things on BBC Iplayer, who knew Cecilia Imrie was in this American drama and plays such a hilarious part.

And so to a new week. Have a good one. We adjust to three at the table and await further apocalyptic snowstorms.

January Week 3 – Hats, Socks and Manchester

This week’s makes and doings…

I’ve been making more super chunky hats this week, and yes, within the brights there’s a black hat too #knittingforafriend. I have to say I could be swayed to use black yarn more often.

Check out my shop for new additions, I am adding more hats daily and as this week it is due to drop to sub zero temperatures we need to wrap up warm! The Beast from the West this time I believe is due to be upon us.

This week the mornings are getting lighter and the boy returned to Uni in Newcastle briefly for an exam. The mother in me means when he goes I must make socks, luckily he really likes them and even asks for them. And so to a trip to Countess Ablaze … more yarn?!

Fiona and I (see previous post in November) met up for her first knit club at Countess Ablaze; Fiona wound her first yarn cake, I spent birthday vouchers, chatted to friends, knit and we went on to Mackie Mayor for a drink. A pretty fab day, especially as I bought my first pair of Dr. Marten’s in years, we are a family of Dr. Marten’s strewn at the front door.

As I do every week, I attempt to read and I always fail, I have been trying to read about a colour a night from The Secret Lives of Colour by Kasia St. Clair but also downloaded Michelle Obama’s autobiography Becoming to listen via Audible while dog walking. I will let you know next week what I think. Don’t get me onto the subject of Trump.

Have a great week!

January Week 2 – Hats!

I’ve knitted chunky yarn hats this week.  An absolute essential as the temperature has really dropped. I will be wearing one until May now I suspect; the mornings have been cold, windy and frosty.  And dark.

These hats are from super chunky 100% wool, I have used Erica Knight yarn here, the quality is gorgeous and it really gives a great stitch definition and they are super warm. I like to mix up the pom poms as in the grey and yellow hat.  I’ll be adding some to the shop in the coming week if you’d like to buy.

As well as the chunky knits, I have totally fallen for Countess Ablaze’s The English Gentlemen yarn, Blue faced Leicester and Masham.   As always, the colours from Countess Ablaze are amazing; bright, rich, complex and basically stunning.  I made several Christmas presents from this yarn in colourways Urbex, Vamp and Industrial.

The hat below is in Industrial, perfectly matched the Manchester surroundings below.

And because it’s me, there has to be some orange.  With another Countess Ablaze yarn, Grande Merino, my colourway was a limited edition dye so I have linked the next closest colourway here for you – 1969 Dodge Daytona – Vanesssa

Not my best photo, I’d just finished my second Park Run.  Last week on my first run I didn’t wear a hat and I regretted it instantly.  This bright one keeps me warm and if I come a cropper I’m easily identifiable in orange. I love orange.

Enjoy your week, wear a hat. And if you haven’t got one message me, I’ll make you one or keep an eye on my shop for super unique, warm and bloomin lovely knits.

A Year of Making

This year I have decided to record my makes in my blog with photos and further details.  I do this already via Instagram – Mamie and Florrie in my posts and stories, however, I’d like to do this in a little more detail this year.  Plus I like to chat and share chatter about yarn, projects and I enjoy your engagement, we can talk yarn…

If you purchase one of my items you can see the story behind the making of it and understand the uniqueness of each piece, so here we go!

Ideas grow organically, sometimes they start with the yarn or ideas from somewhere I have visited, from feeling the texture and handle of the yarn and being excited by the colours of the blend or combination of several yarns, this gives me a sense of where and what it should be.

There will be other chatter too, my love of the outdoors, walking in the most gorgeous countryside where I live in the Peak District and the places I visit, friends I met over the year.

I have kick started January, let’s see where we end up in December!