Week 6 – A Super Bright Neon Pink Cowl

This week has been a little busy so a perfect quick project (whilst still knitting socks) has been a super cosy cowl. So soft, so warm and so easy to crochet up. A couple of hours is all it takes.

So easy, here’s all you need to do;

Chain 90 stitches and join to make a ring with a slip stitch – careful to ensure the ring isn’t twisted.
Chain two stitches and treble into every stitch around the ring and joining the last stitch to the first stitch with a slip stitch.
Chain two, this time treble into the back of the stitch below only, not through the “V” you usually see. Continue around again closing the round with a slip stitch.
Continue with as many round as you want or until your yarn has depleted.

I used Countess Ablaze Super Chunky Astronaut Rebelling Against Suburbia yarn, it’s crazy bright, if you don’t want to use such a neon pink there’s Tiffany’s Lipstick and many other colours to choose from. I, however, love a bright Schiaperelli hot pink neon.

This yarn is 130m per skein, if you are frugal with the tension you can get 10 rows per cowl. The middle picture below shows the tiny left over yarn I had after weaving in the ends!

Back in my non Yarnlandia world the mornings have got brighter bring more snow but longer days.

I bought a little bit of sock yarn from my knit group friend Ann who dyes her own yarn Dye of the Tiger and it’s gorgeous. Muted tones which I don’t think I can hid in boots but need to make a shawl instead.

I love hand dyed yarn, not because I’m a yarn snob at all but because I like the fact someone, possibly by someone I know, has learnt the skills, chosen the colours, base and taken the time to create a skein. That is very special.

And best of all, Saturday brought my Girl’s 17th birthday! We ate at Rudy’s Pizza in Manchester which was delicious, had a drink at Mackie Mayor and mooched about the shops. I love Manchester, I may have mentioned that. and I love my girl too. Happy Birthday Lily!

If you do make a cowl like mine tag me in your Instagram post, it will be fab to see your makes too.

Enjoy your week, make something gorgeous!