Week 7 – Super Soft Wool Crochet Blanket

This week I crocheted a blanket for a customer, I love crocheting these blankets, they grow and grow quickly and are so soft and warm. Ideal pram blankets or for some colour on your sofa. You can find more of my blankets here .

When it’s complete each blanket is carefully wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a Mamie and Florrie label, it’s the little things, it pleases me as much as I hope it pleases the customer.

It was a busy week last week; on Thursday my girl went on a school trip of a lifetime to India. I can’t tell you how excited I am for her. Her school have an annual trip to a school in Mumbai, they raise money before they go to take sports and craft equipment for children without the privileges our children have. They spend time with the children in the classes and after school clubs in Mumbai, teaching the younger Indian children, playing with them and learning about their culture while also visiting the slums, going to Mass in Hindu temples, taking part in early morning rooftop yoga and next week visiting Goa. I mean!

I would have loved to have done this while at school and now. Her updates are amazing and she’s loving seeing and being within another culture. I think it is so important for our children to see diversity, other cultures, religions and poverty, they need to understand these things, it’s so important.

And so while we have had the rarest opportunity of a child free weekend we decided to go away too. My husband asked if I want to go somewhere warm, bugger off I said, I am going to a land where there is yarn. And for me it meant Scandinavia.