48 hrs in Stockholm Part 1

“Want to go somewhere warm?” he said
“Bugger that” I said, “I want to go to a land where’s there’s yarn!”
A very rare weekend just the two of us so instead of buying Christmas and anniversary presents we decided to go away. I have always wanted to go to Scandinavia. Stockholm won this time.

We stayed in Sodermalm in Hotel Hellstens Malmgard which was perfect for a couple nights in a central location. By choice I don’t do hotels, I really like to relax in a homely environment of an Airbnb, I guess I’m nosy, I like to see how people live, but this hotel suited me just fine; comfortable, boutique like interior, warm and friendly and with a cracking breakfast.

The hotel had some really gorgeous touches; I want geraniums in terracota pots everywhere now, tulip stems in glass vases, crochet linen cushions and lots of wood and natural materials.

We arrived late Friday night so Saturday morning we headed into the centre of Stockholm which is an easy walk through the neighbourhoods, past flower stalls, florists and small independent shops.

The Swedes love their coffee and the coffee houses in Stockholm are cool, comfy and inviting, the textiles covers and throws, the use of wood, natural materials, plants and finishing touches are gorgeous. I love Swedish interior design; simple and easily habitable. It’s just my bag.

Last week the weather had been sub zero, we were really lucky as the weather was about two degrees which was great for walking about. You can layer up, this gives the opportunity to wear all the yarn; cowls, wraps and knitted hats, mitts the lot, smashing. Even though there wasn’t snow underfoot there was a partially frozen sea with icebergs floating out to sea, usually with birds on board enjoying the ride.

The old town, Gamla Stan is very pretty, narrow cobbled streets, little coffee shops, hotels and specialist shops selling copper pans, glassware, paintings and vintage books, a great vibe for easy mooching about.

If you do go to Stockholm I really strongly recommend you take a boat trip around the archipelagos, it is so fantastic to see around the islands and learn a little more about Stockholm from a local tour guide.

We did the one hour boat trip which is long enough when it is only a short weekend trip. The boats are beautiful, varnished wood and painted white with throws and fur seat covers to keep you warm and the beauty of the nature along the way is stunning. I think this was one of my absolute favourite parts of the weekend. For me it’s bliss and made me want to take a summer holiday on one of the islands. Imagine; solitude, books, a tonne of yarn, a boat for the social life when you want it and quiet the rest of the time #buysalotteryticket

And so to yarn.  I wanted to find some yarn shops on Saturday just in case they were shut on Sundays and they were.

Firstly I found Makeri 14.  This is a gorgeous, small shop in the old town, the owner is really friendly holding a good variety of Swedish yarns which is what I was looking for, something I can’t easily get at home. I bought fluorescent yellow mohair and a gorgeous grey Gotland. A perfect combo for crochet or knitting together.

Just round the corner is a small shop called Anntorps Vav a large part of this small shop holds a loom and the owner makes the most stunning throws and blankets from mohair yarn in bright colours. They are to die for, lights as clouds, soft and beautiful but out of my budget starting at about £350 but you have to appreciate the work that has gone into these stunning blankets.

Next yarn shop was Lilet Nystan in Sodermalam, unfortunately I arrived just be closing time so my browsing experience was a little rushed. The shop holds Madeline Tosh, Malabrigio, Gotland yarns and many others. I bought a couple of balls of Lang’s Carpe Diem, picture two below.

It is so easy to stumble upon ice skating in the city centre, I loved this woman in the orange, she was so cool and having a great time, and an ice hockey game in Sodermalm, some tumbles and goals here, check out a few moves in my Instagram stories.

You can not visit Sweden without trying one or two, excusable is three, of these cakes, oh my god! They are so good. The Semla cakes are light, delicious and I became obsessed with hunting them down.

To finish Saturday night we ate pizza at Rost watching a live band local with locals, the atmosphere was fab. I want to move to Stockholm…