Week 8 – Meeting with My Tribe and not a lot of sock progress

It has been a crazy busy week catching up after a fab weekend in Stockholm so minimal yarning has been achieved. Must try harder, must concentrate more… familiar phrases from my youth!

My girl is still in India and due home tomorrow, I really can’t wait to see her, but it has been gorgeous to see my boy who has been home from Newcastle so it’s been a bit of a one in, one out scenario.

I have often mentioned the importance of seeing what I call my “Tribe” at the weekend. My yarn friends, my kindred spirits. Yesterday I went into Manchester to see my Tribe at Countess Ablaze, to chat, talk yarn, projects, life, some of us have arrived alone and never feel alone by the time we leave, always with new friends and ideas. I love it and it’s a really important part of my life. I liken it to going to the football, that passion and feeling of elation. I often come away from a new skein of something gorgeous too, there’s never a game lost.

I love a walk through the Norther Quarter of Manchester too, the street art is amazing.

I also love a little visit to Oklahoma in Manchester. This is a renowned kitsch delight, it is truly splendid. Perfect for presents a little treats. I have a habit of buying birds which I clip into mimosa branches. I adore them. I’m not sure I can add anymore however as the weight is starting to cause a 45 degree angle lean!

This week I have finished several Audiobooks as travelling gives me this opportunity. Michelle Obama’s Becoming is so inspirational and her calming and reassuringly strong narration just makes you think that woman could do anything. I also listened to Byrony Gordon’s Eat, Drink, Run about her training and preparation for running the London Marathon while battling with mental health issues. It’s not as calming Michelle Obama’s narration but encouraging all the same. This week I am listening to Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends, I am really looking forward to this one, I have heard great things.

And so, until next week. My girl will be back home, and I promise, I will try harder with the yarn. Have a good week!