Week 9 – Socks and a Face Plant Scarf

I promised to have some sock progress and at last, I do at least have one sock done. Hurrah for closure on one sock!

It’s slow progress I know but it’s getting there. Sock knitting is my go to bag project. Perfect for catching five minutes sneaky knitting on a lunch break, sat in a traffic jam or in a waiting room. Handy, compact and easy to catch a few rows when you can.

I found this photo of one of my favourite little scarfs which is so warm and I loved it. But I can’t find it so I need to make a new one.

I have decided to use my Swedish yarns to make a new scarf, I’m knitting it using both yarns; easy rhythmic garter stitch. It’s going to be big and billowing and blousey and wonderful. The type of wool you want to bury your face in. A face plant scarf. A snuggly delight, so here goes…

I will show you my progress next week.

Outside of my Yarnlandia we have had sun and warmth and so we are forecast snow tomorrow. That’s British weather for you! We love it really.

I’m still listening to Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney while walking, so far so good. Until next time my yarn friends 🙂