Weeks 11 and 12 Stockholm Scarf and Edinburgh

What I absolutely love about buying yarn on holiday is making something to remind me of a visit. Throughout making this scarf I called her “Faceplant”, I do, I want to rest my head in her and inhale that deep woolly smell and cosy down and sleep, like a cuddle with your mum, it is the most relaxing and comforting mix of yarns I have known, Gotland / Alpaca and Mohair combined.

But I can’t call her “Faceplant”, it’s too aggressive sounding, too slap dash, she’s my Stockholm scarf, a place I loved visiting and would very much like to return to soon.

I soon wore her for a cold, wintery walk along the Monsal Trail, just a little test, she passed, it was hard to peel her off once home in the warm.

I often revert to simple crochet after a new project, happily picking up some trebles, granny squares, even happier in hot pink.


I knew Edinburgh very well spending my Uni days just outside of the city and visiting regularly with my friends. My best friend also lives there but it has been too long since I visited. It was just gorgeous to return to see my friends and combine that with yarn!

It was a fabulous weekend with friends, good meals, drinks and yarn friend company and buying some gorgeous delicious yarn which I will share with you soon.

I bought Stephen West’s Shawls book (signed and had the most gorgeous chat with Stephen, what a super friendly guy) yarn from The Wool Kitchen, Qing Fibres and Undercover Otter, stationary from Tillyflop and some Mother’s Day gifts from Beyond Measure and Yarnistry, and a few more … a good haul, loads of inspiration and lots to think about. I’m looking forward to next year already.