Bright Pink Sofa Throw – Seriously Gorgeous!


Handmade using the softest, warmest and lightest pure wool a gorgeous bright strong but feminine pink, a really gorgeous sofa throw.

This throw is perfect for brightening a room, sofa or day bed, take her glamping, camping or travelling, it has been handmade over many hours to bring style and individuality to your home or travelling home.

Use textiles to change the look of your room instantly and effortlessly.  Lightweight but incredibly warm too. Leather Mamie and Florrie label.

Made from 100% Pure Wool sourced from the UK
Handmade in the Peak District, Derbyshire

Measures approximately 150 x 150cms
Gentle hand wash only, do not tumble dry
Handmade over many hours


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 cm