Minty Romance Cushions

I recently made a cushion using the gorgeous Undercover Otter yarn I had bought at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and received a commission to make four more cushions, I love making crochet cushions, even more so for someone else, my house is like a yarn padded cell….

This is my cushion;

The yarn is from Undercover Otter’s Minty Romance collection, Jump Scare Aran, it’s perfect for cushions; it has great stability and structure and the colours and colour saturation is amazing.

And here are the cushions in progress.

And complete, they have gone to their new home now, sometimes it is a struggle to let go!

I’m thinking about reds and pinks for next time…

Week 10 – Face Plant Progress and Plant Pots

My weeks just seem to go in the blink of an eye but I’m never too busy to create something, anything I can. My nightly ritual of relaxing with some yarn really help me to unwind after a day at work in front of a screen and numbers. I’m sure you understand that feeling. Yarn offers so much in terms of relaxation and inspiration, that’s why most of us love knitting and crochet isn’t it?

I continued with my Face Plant scarf, affectionately named so because I just want to buy my face in the soft, soft, comforting warmth of the knitted fabric.

I’m making good progress, it’s now about 120cm long and I have possibly enough yarn for it to be about 200cm when finished. Enough to be wrapped around my neck twice, not with murderous intent, I can’t wait to finish it, the scarf that is.

I have also completed one sock, one more to go. I am finding the socks to be an in between project, they are ideal for carrying around in bag day to day in the hope of a delay or ten minutes in my lunch break. The problem is by the time I finish these socks it will be summer and time for flip flops not boots!

After knit club Saturday I went to Fred Aldous in Manchester and bought some Bakers twine to crochet covers for some cacti and geranium pots. They are only small pots but I will make some larger ones soon.

The pot covers are really easy to do, here’s how I made mine;

  1. Half treble 12 stitches into a magic ring, pull tight to close the ring, slip stitch into the first stitch and chain two to create the first stitch of the next round.
  2. Crochet one half treble into the immediate stitch and two half trebles into each stitch (24 stitches), slip stitch into the first stitch to close the round and chain two to create the first stitch of the next round.
  3. Half treble into the back of each stitch (24) slip stitch into the first stitch to close the round and chain two stitches to create the first stitch of the next row.
  4. Half treble again in the back of each stitch (24) slip stitch into the first stitch to close the round and chain two stitches to create the first stitch of the next row.
    These stitches into the back of the previous stitch create a nice ridge, see picture below

5. Continue to half treble into the each stitch and slip stitch into the first stitch to close the round and chain two to create the first stitch of the next round.
6. I crocheted 10 more rounds as per point 5 to create the height I wanted to and a lip over the top of the plant pot to hid a plastic inner pot.
7. Continue in this manner, I was covering a small glass tealight holder measuring 5cm diameter base, 6cm height and 7.5cm diameter top as below;

To make a cover for a different size pot;

Follow the increase rule for a circle until you have the size of the base you need and then follow point 4 onwards until you have the height of pot cover need to cover your pot. If you pot has shape and requires increases and decreases do so to shape the pot cover you need for your pot.

I changed colours as I fancied to mix up my pots. I found the Bakers Twine to be a great yarm, it holds it’s shape and is malleable but watch, after a while it’s tough on the hands!

Have fun mixing things up.

And so after a beautifully sunny week the cold returned and with it the snow on Sunday. I got hailed on walking Wodge and boy did it hurt!

Enjoy your week, I hope it’s a creative one, any questions about the pot covers please email me on I’d love to see your makes!

A Year of Making

This year I have decided to record my makes in my blog with photos and further details.  I do this already via Instagram – Mamie and Florrie in my posts and stories, however, I’d like to do this in a little more detail this year.  Plus I like to chat and share chatter about yarn, projects and I enjoy your engagement, we can talk yarn…

If you purchase one of my items you can see the story behind the making of it and understand the uniqueness of each piece, so here we go!

Ideas grow organically, sometimes they start with the yarn or ideas from somewhere I have visited, from feeling the texture and handle of the yarn and being excited by the colours of the blend or combination of several yarns, this gives me a sense of where and what it should be.

There will be other chatter too, my love of the outdoors, walking in the most gorgeous countryside where I live in the Peak District and the places I visit, friends I met over the year.

I have kick started January, let’s see where we end up in December!

Monochrome Winter Blankets


Monochrome Winter Blankets

Winter usually feels like a long
And dark and dull season
But it is full of inspiration
The sunrises have been beautiful
Nature looks it’s most stunning
And there’s also the warmth
And comfort of home settling down
A warm drink, mulled wine
A box set
A dog
A loved one
Under a warm handmade blanket

I’ll be adding more blankets to the shop
Only using quality yarns
All my blankets are handmade
Over many hours with great care
Every stitch counts.

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