Stress’tit or Pin Cushion

There’s word I tend to mutter or scream in moments of stress, TITS!

You know, when something has gone wrong, you’ve missed the train, forgotten your purse and you’re at the till and you want the shoes, the bread, the yarn? Someone has let you down, called in sick, it’s all going wrong? Of course, you can stand on your desk, shout TITS at the top of your voice and collect your P45 on the way out the door.

Or you can squeeze a stress-it, throw it, catch it, chuck it. It’s not a stress ball; it’s a stress tit and they are in my shop – for grabs so to speak, available in a number of sizes and tones in my shop.

20% of the proceeds will be donated to my Just Giving page raising money for Women V Cancer, this includes Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, Ovarian Cancer Action and Breast Cancer Care. You can donate to if you wish following this link, Amy Forster Just Giving Page.